Somebody Co-Branded my Banana!

No big fancy post today, but I thought I’d share something I came across this morning when having my breakfast.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before, and I’m not sure whether to be absolutely frightened or really really impressed… Come to think of it, Fox is really pushing this film in some interesting ways, even despite the fact that it looks like a pretty awful assembly of bird puns, nearly-racist jokes about Brazilian women, and generic CGI glamour shots of the tropics.

I bring it up only because I reached for the banana moments after putting down my in-progress game of Angry Birds Rio,

and the same morning that I got an email about a bizarre Rio-Nestle augmented reality game going on overseas.

It’s tempting to say that this branded over-stimulation isn’t a good thing and that it’s only making a world full of product placement even worse, but damn if I’m not having fun playing yet another version of Angry Birds, and whose to say that there isn’t a squealing little German boy out there right now getting interested in computer programming (and funky Brazilian music) because of a silly little cereal box game with a blue bird in it. And as for the Banana, it tasted just fine.

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