Language Castle

Language Castle is an up and coming education consultancy that is pioneering the field of multi-lingual education. As one of the only professional organizations developing teaching strategies for pre-school aged children attempting to learn two languages, Language Castle was looking to cement its status as the premier expert in the field. The CEO and chief consultant Karen Nemeth came to us early in 2010 with the challenge of developing her company into a brand to be trusted and revered.

Aura responded with a well thought out brand strategy that positioned Language Castle as a mature brand being sold to adults for the benefit of children. We developed a distinct logo for the company that at once emphasized the ‘Language’ portion of the name while taking advantage of the visual vocabulary conjured up by the word ‘Castle’. The geometry of the solution communicates strength and integrity while the careful randomization of the colors speaks to creativity and joy; all of which are important traits of the brand.

The visual vocabulary of the logo has been extrapolated across the entire brand, extending from print material to packaging, and eventually web and social media outlets. The new identity will become a symbol not only of the company that it represents, but also of the early-education revolution that is taking place in our country. The castle will become an icon that is recognized across the industry as a representation of that group or individual’s dedication to providing the best possible education to children in need of a new style of learning.


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Additional Info:

In addition to the design and development of the visual language, we developed the strategic position and executed all of the production as well.