Aura Brand Development is a holistic branding agency whose unique process produces uniquely inspired results. As a young, idea-driven innovation consultancy, we specialize in uncovering new market opportunities and developing the strategic foundation on which to build successful brands that capitalize on them.

We encourage our clients to make the design process a key aspect of their business strategy, and allow it to define the relationships they develop with their customers. We believe that we are in the business of fostering love between people and ideas.

We are often asked why our own visual language revolves around organic images and textures.
Is it because we are a ‘green’ company? Well yes, we strive to be, but to us that isn’t a point of differentiation, it’s a point of pride and of necessity. Rather, our organic focus stems from the inspiration we find in natural balances. A forest will contain only as many trees as it can support and no more, just as a brand should not extend itself in ways it cannot sustain. Plants in a crowd are capable of growing in unique and unexpected ways to ensure their own survival. We encourage our clients to adapt to the markets around them and find a distinct path that allows them not only to survive, but flourish.

At Aura, we tend to do things differently, which is exactly what our clients like about us. They are prepared to create something exceptional and innovative, and we are motivated by the opportunity to do what has not been done before. We are thinkers and creators. We see opportunities where others see obstacles. We see potential successes where others see certain failures. We leave no stone unturned; shaping and tightening our clients’ brands in every facet of their existence. We immerse ourselves in the customer experience. We unite strategy and creativity. And we do all of this with a passion that cannot be rivaled.